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I no longer work on the site since a longtime ago, but inshallah if you've come across it you can still find something to your benefit. Meanwhile, take a look at my new messy da'wah project, muslimedia.tk ...Keep the ummah in your du'aas!



This site was great to work on, but i lost the motivation a while ago and haven't been paying any mind to it for a while, so its a dead site now, but inshallah if you've come across it u'll find something of benefit in here and make duaa 4 me n the ummah 2... Meanwhile, check out my new da'wah project, for those of you who believe music is permissible based on content: muslimedia.tk

I have made this site as a way of indirectly venting out my frustration at the state of the Ummah nowadays. I can at least feel like I have done something, no matter how small, for the cause of Islam. Inshallah all my Muslim brothers and sisters will wake up to the desperate call of the suffering Muslims, and we will all unite and raise the flag of Islam up to it's previous status. There's a lot of lies and false coverage in the media nowadays, but we must let nothing affect us - we all have one goal, which is to please Allah SWT.

Insha Allah we youth will accomplish the great task with which we have been entrusted, the task which our previous generations have forgotten - to strengthen Islam to its admirable status once again, so that NO ONE can make fun of it while others think nothing of the words...We are the Muslim youth, and we will fight in Allah's cause, whether mentally, physically or against our own desires.

Please give me your feedback in the guestbook, your time is appreciated. Jazakallah!

I've completed and linked all the Quran recitors, surahs etc. in the Multimedia section. (14 Dec 05)

I'm starting work on the site again... meanwhile you might want to check out my blog: http://muslimpower.blogspot.com





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