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http://www.islamway.com (Arabic) OR http://english.islamway.com

"Attentively following the traces of our (al-salaf as saleh) Righteous Predecessors , the site, among others with similar approaches, aims at sound and clearer perception of Islam. Globally transmitting for all Muslims, no affiliation or restrictions of a political party, group or any other governmental guardianship are behind." Contains: Quran, Articles, Audio Lectures, Islamic Directory, Islamic Flashes, Islam Way Sisters, Discover Islam, etc.


Masha Allah, this is a very detailed site which is constantly updated. Has a lot of informative content, World News, Audio, etc.


"The Islamic Network is an umbrella organisation, providing a platform for various da'wah efforts to work collectively. We seek to co-ordinate the various resources effectively. Separately from that, the Islamic Network organises its own activities, such as lectures and seminars. We seek to use the various media effectively. We aim to attach the people with the scholars. Islamic Network works within the framework of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jammah, following the way of the Salaf-us-Salih. Islamic Network is a non-profit organisation, which is managed mainly by volunteers. It raises its funds through appeals and donations from its public."


A very impressive site with a wide variety of multimedia and articles. Includes a message board, and has an e-group, which is said to be one of the best online.


Masha Allah, this is a great site! It contains many other features, but is centered around world news about Islam or to do with Muslims.


"Our Mission: 
To create a unique, global Islamic site on the Internet that provides services to Muslims and non-Muslims in several languages. To become a reference for everything that deals with Islam, its sciences, civilization and nation. To have credibility in content, distinction in design, and a sharp and balanced vision of humanity and current events." 


Masha Allah, this site is very useful, with great multimedia. Constantly updated, and has a detailed directory of other Islamic sites.


"A great and influential website which is educationally and informationally beneficial for the Ummah and the non-Muslims as well ..." Masha Allah this website is very informative and  has everything you can think of...online shopping, news, multimedia, the lot!


This site mainly revolves around its full-blown message board, which is one of the best online. Contains many interesting and very informative discussions. This site is very addictive!


One of the largest forums of the on-line Muslim community, this message board is a great place to discuss all issues Islamic.

http://islamworld.net OR http://beta.islamworld.net (new version of site)

This site is very good for research and contains a LOT of articles and hadith about many topics. It has the following categories: Introduction for Non Muslims, The Holy Quran, Hadith & Sunnah, Fundamental Beliefs in Islam, Prayer, Signs of Day of Judgment and Life After Death, Ramadan, Hajj, and Eid, Women, Family, and Marriage, Muslim Character, The Methodology of Giving Dawah, Jihad, Fatwas and Questions/Answers, Comparative Religion, Misc. Pamphlets, Khutbahs and other short talks, Islamic Literature in non-English Languages, Islamic History, Audio/Visual Stuff on Islam, Dictionaries, Advice on Studying Islam and Arabic Abroad.


"The project presently consists of the following: a) A toll free line 1-877-WHY-ISLAM. Our Call Center has 8 simultaneous volunteer associates standing by to answer your questions on Islam. b) This website (www.whyislam.org), that will feature articles, books etc on Islam and comparative religion. This website can be used to order free literature on Islam, or view the literature online. c) A WhyIslam network of volunteers that has been used to establish direct contact with prison inmates through correspondence d) WhyIslam billboards on public highways e) WhyIslam advertisements in community newspapers f) WhyIslam community booths at malls."








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