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The Poetry section holds poems of any category - if not  about Islam then at least kept within the boundaries.

I really need your help with this part of the site, otherwise it'll be pretty boring and non-varying - only the poems that I can find.   (The good thing is, because it's my site, I can put up any of my own work, even if it's no good!:) ) If you've written a poem and you want it up on the web, please e-mail it to me at muslim_power@myway.com , or type it in the guestbook and submit it as a  message. PLEASE don't forget to leave an alias or a name.


(Please understand that all work below is copyrighted, and that if you are making use of any of the below poems, make sure to give credit to the author mentioned. Do not steal your fellow brothers/sisters' work!)

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view the following items.

Title Author
US Marine (poem) Tahir Rashid
Palestine Misery (song) Muslim Power
Won't Give Up My Deen (rap) Muslim Power
Broken Up (rap) Muslim Power
Got to Stay Alive (rap) Muslim Power
Lose Yourself - Jihad Remix (rap) Tahir Rashid
Al-Aqsa Dream (poem) Tahir Rashid
Tanks Vs. Stones (poem) Tahir Rashid
Atheist (poem) Tahir Rashid
My First Poem (poem) Tahir Rashid

My First Poem (poem) by Tahir Rahid...1/9/04

Al-Aqsa Dream (poem) by Tahir Rashid...30/9/04

Atheist (poem) by Tahir Rashid...30/9/04
















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