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Women’s liberation – two simple words, yet they are the label for one of the world’s major issues: are women oppressed and treated as inferior to males? Or are they, as claimed, in fact granted equal rights to that of men? Women’s liberation is defined as ‘the movement aimed at equal rights for women’. 

Most people believe that the idea for women’s liberation came about sometime around the 1870’s and the 1880s. At this time in history, western women were not permitted to vote or sit in parliament, sit in juries, write to newspapers to give an opinion, study at university, attend public meetings or have a respectable job. They also, on top of everything else, received unfair treatment from the law, for example if a woman got married, any of the wealth she had at the time would become her husband’s, and if she worked, her wages would be paid to her husband. It was also fairly easy for a man to get a divorce, but this would probably be the last outrageous possibility for a lady who had gone through every other turmoil. 

Contrary to popular belief, women’s liberation movements did not come about anytime during the late 19th century, nor was the idea sparked by women. It was, in fact, revealed by Allah to a man by the name of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), who is known as the last Prophet of Islam, in the seventh century. He came with a way of life that put a stop to the evil rituals of the pagan Arabs, such as burying a child alive if they were born a girl. This religion was passed around the world until its civilization was the most powerful of its time. 

Islam has honored women by charging them with the raising of future generations. Before Islam, a woman was treated as a household object, deprived of her rights to the point that the eldest son would even inherit his father's wives. Other cultures also used to consider women as less than human. Not only does Islam honor women, but it also deems her equal to man in terms of accomplishments and requital. Allah has set piety, not gender, as a criterion of superiority. He says: (49:13)

“The most honorable with Allah is the most pious among you.”  

Western women view liberation from the historical perspective of their own culture, in which woman has rebelled against its strictures and liberated herself from the shackles of the past. They believe that a Muslim woman is trapped in her home, deprived of her rights. This is the rather ethnocentric thinking of non-Muslim woman, and is due to the fact that Western women have neither in the past nor at present experienced the true sense of liberation. Throughout history, they have moved from one form of slavery into another, of their own free will, thinking the latest stage is the ultimate liberation, when it is only slavery in a new disguise. They have out of their homes to elbow their way into the male crowd demanding equality, ignoring the fact that their physiques have certain limits and that they are endowed with certain functions for certain objectives. The results can be seen clearly in the devastation of the Western family. 

Muslim women hide their beauty and their figures; they hide their charm and their sexual appeals. They free themselves from being a victim of fashion, of the latest trends or styles. They never have to suffer the fate of, for example, finding the right shade of lipstick that would match their complexion. They free themselves from the abuse they would receive if they were noticed to be over/underweight, if they had so called ‘ugly’ features. They are not bound to thriving on the compliments they might receive if they had a good figure, or a pretty face. Instead, they allow their intelligence to work to its maximum potential, so that they can achieve something for their religion. 

Western women, on the other hand, hide their intelligence and their ability to achieve under designer labels, perfectly applied makeup, accessories and jewelry, and trendy clothing. They make themselves victims for men out to have some fun, and they try to attract compliments for their features, or else gain abuse for their lack of ‘beauty’.

In conclusion, so called ‘liberated women’ are not at all liberated…they are, in fact, enslaved to a further extent than the women they consider “trapped”, most of whom are more liberated than they are. Remember this: to a woman, liberation is to be free, living your life as a woman – not as an imitation of man or as a victim of society.




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